Andrea Bury moved to Marrakesh in 2008 finding herself captivated by the immense handicraft heritage of the Moroccan people. From that immense heritage, especially the traditional Berber bags and their unique embroidery technique grabbed her attention. However, she also realized how threatened by the fast consumerism this heritage was. Andrea felt she desperately needed to preserve the tradition; so she brought together the charming appeal of traditional handicraft and a modern design spirit. Based on the three ABURY pillars – innovative design, handmade exclusivity and social impact – the ABURY Berber Collection was born.

Today, ABURY is working in many different countries, with designers from various backgrounds, in craft communities with unique cultural heritage. Encountering many amazing and breath-taking people and stories Andreas Bury decided to bring these people, stories and products from faraway places from all over the world to you: The ABURY platform and shop, proudly presented by MEMBER OF THE 55.

ABURY is celebrating its 4 years anniversary with a 40% sale on the A NON EXISTENT TRIBE collection. Handcrafted in Ecuador from high-quality natural materials, designed to be the go-to accessory for your urban street-chic look. The artisans have worked 24 hours and more on one bag to make it uniquely yours. ABURY gives back in hours of education to the local community.

ABURY sale: Get 40% discount till July 23rd, 2017 on selected collections, including the clutches from Akbar Delights, jewellery from Fiona Paxton and Adele Dejak as well as our entire A Non Existent Tribe Collection!